Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aug 6 - Beginning of a surreal journey

My husband and I went to the doctor's office early this morning for our pre-IVF blood draws and semen analysis. I was extremely nauseous from the birth control pill that I had started taking the night before. I sat around the waiting room with watery eyes, feeling pukey.

I've taken birth control pills only twice in my life - once in preparation for my laparotomy 5 months ago and now, in preparation for IVF.

My nurse - a sweet stable looking woman, drew up a calendar for me and went over the IVF procedure. I hadn't realized just how much the entire process was about to take over my life. IVF seminars, Injection seminars, signing consent forms, medication to suppress the ovaries, medication to stimulate the ovaries.. Three weeks of injections in my stomach, 8 weeks of injections in my back that my husband had to give me, everyday, at the same time. The bumps and lumps that the progesterone injections were going to leave me with..

I'd have to take a day off for egg retrieval when they'd send a needle up transvaginally, to the ovaries to retrieve eggs. Make decisions about the number of embryos to transfer (assuming there will be any), the risks associated with multiples, etc.

The whole thing feels like a bad sci-fi movie. Surely, tampering with nature to this degree is going to have its consequences.

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