Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally told parents

I've been hesitant to tell my parents that I'm pregnant in case something went wrong with the pregnancy. I've been constantly paranoid about one thing or another. Until I hit second trimester I wasn't going to feel safe. Well, second trimester is just 2 days away. Then there was the Down syndrome test from last week. I get the results on Mon. I could wait until then, because what if something bad comes back? Then there is the 2nd birth defect check at 20 wks. Apparently termination is still an option at that point, so really, nothing is final until then.

However, I decided to tell them today because, really, there will always be another source of worry around the corner. I have to celebrate each milestone as it comes. Ultimately that's all there is - a string of milestones, the journey.

I don't think parents have been as happy about anything else I've ever told them in my entire life. They've been closely involved during our trip through IF land. They've shared all our sorrows and ordeals. So glad I could finally give them this news. After the initial cries of joy, they immediately launched into what I should be eating :) Parents will be parents.

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