Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov 10 (Tue) - Crippled by Progesterone

9 wks of "Progesterone In Oil" shots add up. They should be called PIA shots, not PIO. I'm completely sore on both sides, full of bumps which hurt when I lay on them or pull up my jeans and it grazes them.

Just walking hurts when I get out of bed and hobble to the bathroom like a 80-yr old arthritic woman.

When I used to go for a walk right after the shot in the evening, it was much better. But now that it's gotten colder and it's raining in the evening all the time, the walks have been abandoned, with consequences. Well, just another 5 days to go and I'll be done with these hateful shots! Can't wait!

On the positive side, the austere diet from yesterday paid off and the constipation was better today. Not gone, but better. Now if only I can resist the temptation of the shiny lattice apply pie sitting on the kitchen counter...

Will have my second OB ultrasound today (9 wks) in a few hrs. Very nervous.

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