Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 11 - Still not showing!

The other day, I looked big in the mirror and thought, ah finally I'm showing. A couple of days later I shrank again. So either I'd just eaten too much that day or I'm not pregnant anymore. Can't wait to get past first trimester so I'm not in a constant state of paranoia about losing the baby.

The Bella band continues to be my new best friend. I don't need it because I'm pregnant, I need it because I became fat after surgery.

The things that give me hope that I may still be pregnant are:
- the smell of roasted chicken in the deli yesterday grossed me out and I couldn't escape it fast enough
- I feel pukey at random times through the day, especially after drinking water in the morning
- I'm sleeping 11 hrs, but that could simply be laziness (it's happened even when I wasn't pregnant)
- having to pee often (though again, I did that before too, but that was probably caused by the uterine fibroids)

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