Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 14 (Sat) - End of a tiring week

The 9 wk ultrasound went well last Tues. Saw fetal movement and the heart fluttering for the first time. Was reassured by these positive signs. The euphoria lasted about a day.

The rest of the week, my entire body was sore and aching from the PIO shots. The bowels remain uncooperative. Was so tired some days, it was hard to imagine ever getting up from the couch.

On a different topic, I'm going to try using visualization techniques to swallow my huge pre-natal vitamin everyday. Every morning, I take a gulp of water, pop the vitamin, wait until my throat feels ready, attempt to swallow, gag immediately and swallow again. Along with the vitamin going down (or staying stuck in my throat), water gets into the air pipe and I spend several secs doubled over, coughing violently.
Today, in the waiting pre-swallow phase, I imagined the throat muscles relaxing and the monstrous vitamin going down in one smooth gulp. It worked, no gagging.

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